Homework #3 - Bio 301D, (Bull)

Please fill in the fields as requested. Give a link to the article if you can (and be sure you can upload to Canvas the article with your homework if there is no link). Attempt to write no more than will be visible in the field. After filling in the fields, click the submit button to receive a pdf of your entries, which you should inspect to ensure that all your entries are included. You can continue to make changes to the form (hit enter each time) until you are satisfied with the PDF. When done, upload the PDF version that is the one you intend, plus the article (with date), if needed, to your Canvas account for this class.

When using the pdf generator, you must maintain an internet connection throughout the process until you get an acceptable pdf; if the connection is lost, any entries in the browser will be lost. And note that there is no connection between this pdf generator and Canvas - you must be the one to upload the completed form to Canvas.

Refer to instructions and examples for homework on the course website for further details.


Link to Article:

Article title, source, date (upload a copy to Canvas if link not provided):

Goal of the study (leave blank if goal is requested below):

A correlation described in the article

1. quote:

2. first variable:
3. second variable:
4. control group:
5. treatment group:

6. A model postulating a causal relationship between the 2 variables you chose above.

Alternative explanation/model for the correlation (that invokes a 3rd variable)

7. One factor controlled between the treatment and control groups

8. supporting quote:

9. One factor not controlled in the study

10. a model postulating that the correlation is due to this 3rd variable - the variable not controlled for.