1. and 2. Simon LeVay's study compared the volume of INAH 3 (a region of the brain) among:

19 declared homosexual males (1 bisexual; all AIDS deaths); mean age 38.2
presumed heterosexual males (6 AIDS deaths); mean age 42.8
6 presumed heterosexual females; mean age 41.2.

LeVay's results concerning the volume of INAH 3 were summarized in the notes as follows:


(A) homosexual male not equal to heterosexual male

(B) homosexual male not equal to AIDS heterosexual male

(C) AIDS heterosexual male approximately equal to non-AIDS heterosexual male

(D) female not equal to heterosexual male

(E) female approximately equal to homosexual male

1. Which comparison(s) obviate (overcome) the concern that AIDS is responsible for the observed differences?

2. Which comparison(s) corroborate (support) LeVay's expectations about the difference in INAH 3 volume between heterosexual men and women?


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Chapter 21. Biological Correlates of Being Gay--Biological Determinism

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